January 17, 2019

Affordability comes with lower taxes and a stronger economy

BURNABY, BC – In response to multiple inquiries over the matter involving another candidate, Jay Shin, candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the electoral district of Burnaby South, issued the following statement:

“Justin Trudeau should condemn the comments made on social media by his former candidate Karen Wang.  The types of comments she made has no place in Canadian politics.

Let us move forward and discuss what really matters in this by-election: the issues that concern the voters of Burnaby South.  Instead of getting caught up in this political soap opera, I want the voters of Burnaby to know that I have been listening to their concerns and when elected to the House of Commons, will address them.

Many people I have talked with state their concerns with affordability.  The price of everything keeps going up.  One reason is due to failed tax-and-spend Liberal policies that leave less money in the pockets of the people of Burnaby.  With increases in payroll taxes, and the Federal government encouraging provinces to raise carbon taxes, life is made less affordable with each dollar taxed away from Burnaby residents.

Jagmeet Singh and the NDP propose equally flawed proposals to address affordability.  Their socialist proposals will raise taxes on everybody and throw wrenches into the economic engine of this country.  From various past and present NDP governments, the NDP have proven themselves to be incapable of fostering the confidence needed to have businesses invest and create high paying jobs for Burnaby and Canada.”

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